Watch These Beloved Entertainers Get Viciously Booed On Stage

Dave Chappelle in Hartford, CT (2013)

They start booing at about 3:50 in the video below. Apparently he got upset because people in the crowd were noisy, so he just sat on a stool and spoke to them without trying to be funny for 25 minutes. Then he just left.

This video shows him actually walking off stage.

Rihanna in Australia (2013)

Rihanna showed up to her concert over an hour late, and the crowd let her know they were not okay with that.

Lauryn Hill in NYC (1987)

The future star was only 13 when performing at The Apollo. Booing is a long-running custom at The Apollo’s Amateur Night, but still.

Bill Burr in Philadelphia (2006)

The crowd was already out of control when Burr took the stage to perform at Opie & Anthony’s “The Traveling Virus Comedy Tour.” But when he did, one of the most iconic rants in comedy history went down, and Bill Burr destroyed the city of Philadelphia for twelve straight minutes.

Madonna in Paris (2012)

Fans were annoyed because she stopped performing after just 45 minutes. They booed, and some hurled insults including the word “salope,” which means “slut” in French. Some people cheered through the booes.

Destiny’s Child in Philadelphia (2001)

Destiny’s Child performed during game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers, and group member Michelle Williams was wearing a Lakers jersey. Here’s Philly favorite Bill Burr introducing the clip.

Usher in Germany (2011)

The booing starts at around 1:25. He only got booed because he walked off stage, apparently because he was tired and sick.

The Killers in Georgia (2023)

The country, not the state. Frontman Brandon Flowers invited a Russian fan onstage to play the drums with them, while also asking the audience to treat him as their brother. Russia has occupied parts of Georgia since 2008.

Katt Williams in Oakland (2012)

After the comic reprimanded his DJ, he started a pretty incoherent freestyle which was apparently directed towards an audience member he was looking to fight, or at least provoke. Katt’s own security team had to walk onto the stage, and they eventually carried him off the stage.

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