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19-Year-Old Sucker Punches Strangers, But “From the Video All You See is the Bad Part”

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A 19-year-old man recently filmed himself assaulting strangers in a Houston-area park, KHOU 11 reports, and it doesn’t seem like he understands that you shouldn’t do that.

Alford Lewis shared the video on Youtube and Tiktok, according to the outlet. It was then shared on Nextdoor where his actions were condemned by hundreds of people.

Multiple residents shared their concerns.

“I try to come four days a week or so to walk around here at lunch time,” said a man who hasn’t been punched yet.

On Friday, KHOU 11 reporter Jason Miles tracked down Lewis at his parent’s house.

“Do you regret it?” Miles asked Lewis.

“Yes, yes I do,” Lewis replied. “You know, I just made a mistake, and, everybody makes mistakes. I know, like, from the video, all you see is like the bad part about it, but, um, what people didn’t see was that I shook his hand after and I gave the man a hug.” The publication was not able to verify the handshake nor the hug.

The reporter pointed out that Lewis’ mom is probably disappointed. “Yes, she is,” replied Lewis.

On Monday, a Houston judge set Lewis’ bond at $10,000 and required him to wear an ankle monitor.

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