5 Animals That Recently Went Extinct

With around 1 million plant and animal species facing extinction due to human activities, and an alarming 28% of all assessed species threatened with extinction (that translates to over 42,000 species), our planet’s natural equilibrium is being severely disrupted. This article aims to shine a light on this grave matter by highlighting five of the most recent animal species to go extinct.

1. Baiji (Yangtze River Dolphin)

Yangtze River Dolphin
Roland Seitre via Wikimedia Commons

The Baiji was a freshwater dolphin that was declared extinct in 2006. The Baiji once thrived in China’s Yangtze River, but as China industrialized, the Yangtze became one of the world’s busiest waterways, making survival for the Baiji virtually impossible. Overfishing, pollution, and extensive boat traffic led to a rapid decline in Baiji numbers.

2. Northern White Rhino

Northern White Rhino
Sheep81 via Wikimedia Commons

The Northern White Rhino was officially declared extinct in 2018 with the death of Sudan, the last known male of his species. The extinction of the Northern White Rhino is primarily due to widespread poaching for their valuable horns.

3. Bramble Cay Melomy

Bramble Cay Melomy
State of Queensland via Wikimedia Commons

This small Australian rodent is the first known mammal to go extinct due to human-caused climate change. Rising sea levels, a consequence of climate change, led to the loss of 97% of the Melomy’s habitat by 2014. The last known sighting of this creature was in 2009 and it was declared extinct in 2019.

4. Splendid Poison Frog

Splendid Poison Frog
Brian Gratwicke via Wikimedia Commons

A small, vibrant creature native to Panama, this frog was declared extinct in 2020. The main cause of its extinction was the invasive chytrid fungus, which has decimated frog populations worldwide.

5. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
Arthur A. Allen, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

This bird, once found in the southeastern United States, was declared extinct in 2021. Deforestation led to the loss of their habitat, causing a rapid decline in their population.

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