A Shoe Company Designed this Polygon-Shaped Car

lo res car united nude
United Nude

The “Lo Res Car” is an avant-garde representation of vehicle design that merges the world of art, fashion, and automotive engineering. Originating as a concept from footwear firm United Nude, this car serves as a promotional tool, emphasizing the brand’s unique approach to design.

Its architectural aesthetics are a result of the “low-resolution” deconstruction of the iconic Lamborghini Countach, originally designed by Marcello Gandini in the 1970s. This reimagination is where it borrows its namesake, with the designers reducing the resolution of Gandini’s masterpiece, giving it an abstract and futuristic look.

While its appearance might resemble something out of a sci-fi movie, the Lo Res Car is not just a stationary showpiece: it’s equipped with a tiny 5-kW electric motor that powers its rear wheels (though it’s worth noting it isn’t designed for high-speed pursuits nor is it road-legal).

In 2021, the Lo Res Car generated significant buzz when it went up for auction, emphasizing its standing not just as a vehicle but as a work of art and a collector’s piece.

Written by Pete

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