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Woman Shoplifts at Walmart During Police Charity Event

woman shoplifts shop with a cop michigan walmart

“Shop with a Cop” days take place every holiday season all around the country. Local businesses donate gift cards to underprivileged families who are then paired with police officers to go shopping for things they normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

This weekend, one took place at a Walmart in Livingston, Michigan, and about 75 local cops were there.

“We bring children that might otherwise not have a good Christmas get to come to the store,” a local officer told the NY Post. “They get $100, sometimes a $150 gift card to go and shop for themselves with your family.”

Regardless of the fact that there were cops everywhere – and that this is a nice event designed to help people – a 62-year-old woman decided it was a good opportunity to steal.

A store clerk saw the woman bring her cart filled with about $730 worth of stuff through a self checkout kiosk, Michigan State Police Lt. Rene Gonzalez told FOX2 Detroit. The clerk then alerted a police officer, who was easy to find since they were all over the store.

The woman walked out without paying and began to load her car with the stolen loot. She had parked right next to a cop car.

She was then arrested, easily.

Written by Pete

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