The 20 Worst Movies of the 1990s

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Greetings, film aficionados and nostalgia buffs! Have you ever found yourself, late at night, exploring the deepest, darkest crevices of Netflix, only to stumble upon what can only be described as a cinematic abomination from the ’90s? Here is a carefully curated collection of 20 of the most regrettable moments of the last decade of the 20th century. Yes, friends, we’re talking about the 20 worst movies of the ’90s, ranked in no particular order because, let’s face it, they’re all dumpster fires in their own special way!

1. “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” (1992)

Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Getty come together in an unholy union of action-comedy that earned itself Razzies for Worst Actor (Stallone), Worst Supporting Actor (Getty) and Worst Screenplay (Blake Snyder, William Osborne, William Davies). Even Rambo himself called it one of the worst films in the solar system.

2. “The Island of Dr. Moreau” (1996)

Marlon Brando’s performance as the eponymous doctor couldn’t save this derailed train of a film. Even with a premise filled with potential, it ultimately devolved into a hot mess of man-beasts and nonsensical dialogue.

3. “Speed 2: Cruise Control” (1997)

A sequel to a film about a bus that can’t slow down, this time set on a boat. With Sandra Bullock returning but Keanu Reeves wisely jumping ship, this film sank faster than the Titanic.


4. “Troll 2” (1990)

This film is so notoriously bad that it spawned a documentary about its cult status as a cinematic disaster.

5. “RoboCop 3” (1993)

By the third installment, the RoboCop franchise was running on fumes and the film suffered from an underwhelming plot and the lack of the original RoboCop actor, Peter Weller.

6. “Super Mario Bros” (1993)

This misguided video game adaptation featuring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo remains a monumental lesson in how not to bring a beloved franchise to the big screen.

7. “Ghosts Can’t Do It” (1989)

Bo Derek and her husband John created what TV Guide called “one of the low points of what passes for civilization in the 20th century.” While it may have been released in ’89, it was so bad that it ruined the first few months of 1990.

8. “Showgirls” (1995)

This film has become a cult classic of the “so bad it’s good” variety. It was panned by critics and “honored” with several Razzie Awards, including Worst Film.

9. “Batman & Robin” (1997)

This Batman movie is often cited as one of the worst films ever. The infamous bat-nipples and the over-the-top performance by Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze left audiences cold.

10. “Spice World” (1997)

An attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the Spice Girls, this film left many critics asking them to “stop right now, thank you very much.”

11. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III” (1993)

The heroes in a half shell’s third outing was far from tubular, earning it a spot on this dishonorable list.

12. “Striptease” (1996)

Despite Demi Moore’s earnest performance, this film couldn’t decide if it was a crime drama or a comedy and failed spectacularly at both.

13. “Wild Wild West” (1999)

Will Smith’s charisma couldn’t save this film, which is often remembered for its giant mechanical spider more than anything else.

14. “The Beverly Hillbillies” (1993)

A big-screen adaptation of a popular TV show, this film was a critical flop, proving that not everything that works on the small screen should be made into a movie.

15. “Bio-Dome” (1996)

This Pauly Shore vehicle was described by Leonard Maltin as “aggressively bad” and “for morons only,” which tells you everything you need to know.

16. “It’s Pat: The Movie” (1994)

Based on a one-joke “Saturday Night Live” sketch, this film was a box office disaster and was largely panned by critics.

17. “The Avengers” (1998)

Not to be confused with the Marvel superhero team, this British spy film starring Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, and Sean Connery was a critical and commercial failure.

18. “Cool as Ice” (1991)

This vehicle for rapper Vanilla Ice is as dated as the high-top fade, and its plot is as thin as the rapper’s post-“Ice Ice Baby” career.

19. “Anaconda” (1997)

Despite having a cast including Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube, this creature feature slithered its way into the annals of bad movie history.

20. “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation” (1997)

If there were a “fatality” move for film franchises, this sequel to the video game adaptation would have definitely earned it.

So there you have it, folks. Twenty reasons why even the brightest decades have their dark corners. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think “Troll 2” is streaming on Tubi, and I’ve got a sudden hankering for a cinematic train wreck. Happy viewing!



Written by Editorial Team

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