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That Time Mike Tyson Gave an Interview to a Serial Killer

Photo by Super Festivals via Wikimedia Commons

In an interview earlier this year, Mike Tyson told Valuetainment about the time he was in Phoenix and ended up giving an interview to a serial killer.

It’s a bit hard to follow what Mike is talking about as he introduces the story, but eventually he gets to the part about the serial killer.

He starts by saying he was “working out” in Phoenix and described the guy as “one of those little white guys with small little hands.” He then said that “guys” were picking on him, so Mike told the mean men to “leave him alone.” The interviewer looked very confused at this point.

Anyway, Mike says he spoke to the guy for a bit and then he left. Two or three days later, Mike says a SWAT team had the whole gym surrounded and wanted to talk to him. He said he was worried he may have been in trouble for grabbing someone’s ass.

An officer showed a photograph to Mike: it was him and the “little white guy” shaking hands.

“Do you know this guy?” the officer asked Mike. Mike got a bit defensive and thought maybe he had said something to offend him.

“No, Mr. Tyson, he likes you. He didn’t like the 20 people he shot and the eight that he killed.”

It turns out the guy with little hands was none other than Dale Hausner, one-half of a meth-crazed duo who committed several drive-by shootings and arsons in Phoenix between May 2005 and August 2006. Hausner, who Mike also described as a “boxing writer,” targeted random people and animals with co-conspirator Samuel John Dieteman.

dale hausner
Arizona Department of Corrections

Hausner received six death sentences and later committed suicide in prison.

Here’s the interview:

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