Influencer Talks About Being Married to 90-Year-Old Lady

influencer marries 90-year-old lady

Influencer @cerosthegod recently uploaded a video to tell the world about his marriage to a 90-year-old woman. He appears to be in his late 20s or early 30s.

“I was homeless at the prime age of 18,” Ceros says at the beginning of the clip. “I had just beaten a very horrifying battle on my body with a very debilitating disease. And my mother had kicked me out immediately. So I was like, well, this sucks. So after I got kicked out, I was homeless, living behind a bakery and visiting a hospital, ended up hanging out with this old lady. She said, ‘Hey, I would like to spend the last few years of my life with somebody young and handsome. Would you like to spend the last days with me?’ And I said, ‘Sure.'”

He then goes on to tell his followers that the lady took care of him and they had a great time together. They went hiking, camping, travelled and “did a whole bunch of fun stuff. It was amazing.” Her grandchildren hated him, though. “They didn’t enjoy me at all.”

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She ended up passing away, and Ceros says he inherited her house “and things of that nature.” While he had to go through a lengthy legal battle, he claims to have been victorious since they consummated the marriage.

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The house was too big so he sold it. “Also, she had a bunch of animals. She had like nine cats,” which he says he gave to neighborhood children.

Then he had a whole bunch of money, from both the sale of the house and the life insurance payout.

He became depressed as he grew to love the lady, whose name he later revealed was Margaret. He felt his life was in a downward spiral so he moved to Vegas, “because that was the only place where I know everything was sinful.” He gave the money away to “people that were in my situation. People that would never see this amount of money ever. I just gave it away.”

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“After I went to Vegas, horrifying aspects happened after I went to Vegas. Crazy things happen. And I won’t talk about that right now but that’s the aftermath of being married to a 90-year-old lady. So if you’re curious about what happened after that, that’s what happened. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments down below. That’s my life.”

People had a ton of questions, and quite a few people accused Ceros of making the whole thing up, pointing out the randomness and insanity of some of his other stories (which include titles such as “I took gang bangers to a board game store” and “I went nonverbal for easier classes in school”).

@cerosthegod This was just a crazy aftermath #fyp #storytime #grandma #homeless #marriage ♬ original sound – Ceros

Written by Pete

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