In This Chinese City, the Train Passes Right Through an Apartment Building

chongqing train

Photo by David290 via Wikimedia Commons

Chongqing, located in southwest-central China, is recognized for its rich history and significance as a major river port, transportation hub, and commercial center. But among its many architectural wonders, one of the most astonishing is its subway system. Particularly, the way the subway traverses through an actual building.

The architects behind this innovative design ensured the city could make efficient use of space without the need to raze the existing neighborhood. This design choice not only optimized space usage but also provided the added advantage of an easy commute. Imagine living in an apartment and having a train station right within your building! This concept was brought to life in Chongqing, where an apartment building has been built with the train line running right through it.

Residents of this specific apartment block have been living harmoniously with a train line passing through their building for over a decade. When you picture the subway’s Line 2 disappearing into the side of the apartment structure, it might seem akin to the magical Platform 9¾ from the Harry Potter series. However, this is a well-planned and purposeful design.

This remarkable piece of architecture not only showcases Chongqing’s innovative approach to urban development but also emphasizes the city’s commitment to blending modern infrastructure with the preservation of existing communities.

Written by Editorial Team

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