Here’s Why Women’s Farts Are Smellier

They looked into it.

women's farts smell worse

Studies have “shown” a noticeable difference between the smells of men’s and women’s farts, with the latter typically regarded as smellier.

The odor of the typical air blast comes mostly from hydrogen sulphide, a gas produced in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract during digestion. Studies have proven that women’s tail scutters contain more of it.

The chemical composition of your standard musky turnip also includes nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen and trace gasses (including hydrogen sulphide – the main stinker). But less than 2% of these gasses are responsible for the smell.

What ultimately creates a high presence of hydrogen sulphide in your run-of-the-mill ass whistle are high protein animal products, especially sulfur-containing amino acids like eggs.

According to Healthline, other causes of rancid crack splitters may include high-fiber foods, a variety of food intolerances, medications and a number of conditions.

Believe it or not (we’re struggling to), some research studies also suggest no noticeable difference between the amount men and women pop fluffies (though there seems to be some debate about this in the medical community).

A group of doctors probably talking about farts.

It definitely doesn’t seem like women fart as much as men. But if men and women are actually pooting the same amount, the only explanation we can come to is that men are fanny frogging at a louder volume (though we’re struggling to find a credible study on how loud the average man’s bull snort gets). Perhaps while husbands are ripping barn burners, their pleasant wives are sneaking ninjas at the same rate?

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