35+ Cows Escape Trailer After it Catches Fire on Highway

A trailer carrying over 35 cows caught fire and split apart on a South Carolina highway earlier this week.

The highway was shut down for over ten hours while police officers and animal rescue groups used horses and lassos to corral the cows, some of which were found in the river. Other cows were found in nearby neighborhoods using drones and thermal imaging. All of the cows were eventually secured, though several were injured, as was the driver.

“When crews arrived, they found the cab and chassis of the truck were entirely on fire, and the rear of the truck was hanging over the bridge near mile marker 55,” reports Counton 2. “Another part of the cattle truck was submerged in the river.”

“Sheriff’s Deputies, local ranchers, DNR Officers, Fire-Rescue and Animal Services spent most of the afternoon chasing down rogue cows that had made it into neighborhoods near the Interstate,” states Colleton County Fire-Rescue, which added that “several cows were [found] walking in the northbound lanes of the Interstate.”

Written by Editorial Team

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